Clearing anxiety through early-morning expression

A piece of paper with writing on it, a calligraphy pen and flowers next to it

It’s 5am and my chest is tight, breathing shallow. I sense upcoming changes that break my heart, terrify and invigorate me, and I haven’t written to completion in almost two weeks.

While it’s been an unusually slow reading year for me, lately I’ve been reading a lot. Non-fiction mostly, much…

What’s the point of remembering?

A stick figure human hangs from the bottom of a heart
  1. Brent. 8th grade. We had every class together, sat near or next to each other in all of them, were science lab partners for half the year. He played the bass, basketball, football, was super smart. Drew pictures of me, spoof-y, non-sexual, badass ones based on a nickname he and…

Ashley Kim

Living just beyond my comfort zone.

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